4 Simple and Reliable Ways to Make Your Partner Feel Loved

My husband is very attentive. He meets my needs across all love languages, and I feel very happy and fulfilled in our relationship every day.

In return, I’ve become excellent at making him happy. I know what he wants and needs, and I make sure he feels loved and cared for.

How do I do that? Well, I asked him, and here are his answers (aka 4 signs a woman is in love with you):

1. “You’re always with me.”

From very early on in our relationship, my husband wanted to spend lots of time together.

He asked to meet me frequently, and he started to call me during lunch breaks. I wasn’t used to this at first as most guys I knew were afraid of closeness. But I was receptive to him because I had good feelings about him and I enjoyed being around him.

It also made me quickly realise he showed love through receiving and giving attention, and I wanted that too.

Now, as husband and wife, we’re inseparable. I always make him my priority and I spend most of my free time with him.

Notes to daters: The clearest sign someone is into you is that they’re around you. If they make excuses, you’re not their priority.

2. “You love hanging out with me.”

That’s true. He’s my best friend. I deeply enjoy spending time with him. He makes me laugh and feel really good inside and out.

When I spend time with other people, I only feel energised for a limited amount of time and then I need to be alone and recharge. With my husband, I always feel myself and at home.

I experience lots of joy, comfort, and safety in his presence.

Notes to daters: If you feel negative around a date, they’re not right for you. Trust yourself!

3. “You’re always smiling.”

One of the ways to make a man feel good and more invested is to show him clearly how to treat you through your standards and boundaries and make sure he knows if he’s doing it right. But it’s very important to remember that you do not need to fix his behaviours if they’re not up to your expectations — you simply move on.

I always smile around my husband (of course, except for when I’m upset about something) because, well, I like him and feel good around him.

He exceeded my expectations when we were dating and he has continued to make me very happy. And, importantly, he makes me feel safe and comfortable with my emotions I can just show him all the love in the world knowing he’ll return even more.

Notes to daters: If someone makes you feel ashamed of expressing your feelings and affection, they’re not right for you.

4. “You want to know about my day.”

Curiosity is a tale-tell sign someone is genuinely interested in you.

My husband knows I care about him and what’s going on with him because I ask and listen. He does the same for me. We call and text during the day and continue to share all the highlights of our day with each other when we meet in the evening.

I love talking to my husband. We believe that our relationship is strong because we communicate a lot. My husband said in his vows, “All things between us are rooted in love” and we always remember that.

Notes to daters: If your date only talks about themselves and doesn’t ask you any personal, thoughtful questions, next!

Closing words

These are just some of the many ways my husband and I make each other feel loved. Our relationship is very easy and fulfilling because we’re highly compatible with each other.

In summary, you should date people you actually like and take time to assess compatibility in different contexts.

Ask yourself: Do you even like this person as a friend? Do you admire them? Do they inspire you? Would you recommend them to your best friend? Do you know them?

It can take time to get it right but once you do, you’ll get to enjoy it for life. It’s worth it!

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