The Gift of Our Lives Crossing

Every person who comes into your life will show you a thing or two about yourself. There will be good things and bad things. There will be things you wish you didn’t find out and things you are amazed to realise you can contain so much within your little body. Then there will be things that turn out to be much more significant than how trivial they are on the surface. There will also be things that somewhere down the line you call “mistakes” and “lessons”. And sometimes they can be too late.

But, ultimately, they are all a gift. A beautiful gift that you’re blessed enough to be given. This gift of crossing lives with other beings whether the outcome is make or break, happiness or misery — it brings out from deep inside of you the realest bits of you. It forces you to face your own demons, enriches your experience, and deepens your humanness. Then, at some point, as you look back, when the time is right and if you don’t reject it, it will transform you. You will see yourself and others in a new light and become a much better, wiser you who is self-aware and compassionate, a complex and interesting human being who has dared to live life for real and keep on living no matter how hard.

See, you can possess this wonderful gift in everything you do and through everyone you meet though only if you allow yourself to. You don’t receive this gift just by having small talks and exchanging meaningless banter, by staying in your comfort zone and doing nothing, by being afraid and hiding your true self. You have this gift when you slow down and get connected, when you’re strong and brave enough to go out there into the wild world and let yourself be exposed, be vulnerable, to strip naked your wounded soul and reach out your hand like nothing ever gets to you, when you stop being so afraid of the unknown and instead embrace it.

And when despite all the pain and fear, you choose to trust again and open up yourself to the people you have no way to know for sure will not hurt you. Well, maybe, in the end, they will hurt you, even worse than anyone ever did but don’t you worry. That ending is irrelevant as long as there is a moment — it takes one moment — that someone finds the way inside your guarded heart, flowing through your yearning soul, and you see each other, filling up all the empty space. You feel no longer alone and like life isn’t unfair after all. There’s someone who gets you, who also trusts you enough to bare their soul with you, showing you who they really are. And it means everything.

That day, the bright smile on your face and the hopeful beam of light in your teary eyes, they’re all real and sincere. You can’t fake it. You can’t cover it up. You’re forced to be honest with yourself and be in touch with who you are. It breathes new life into you, lifts you up and keeps your feet firm on the ground all at the same time. And that’s the gift of our lives crossing. That’s the breathtakingly beautiful vulnerability that binds us together and makes us stronger and prepares us for a future full of the unknown. That’s what makes this life worthwhile and gives us the courage to endure our pain, overcome our fear and ultimately give someone our trust.

Then little by little, we’re closer to who we want to be, who we can best be, and the happiness we deserve.

So don’t be afraid to take new chances. Don’t beat yourself up over past mistakes and emotional wounds. Don’t regret meeting any person, especially the people who have hurt you. Embrace them all. They’re all part of the gift, part of the you now and the better you in future, part of the memories that are no ordinary. Be thankful. Be empowered. Be more strong and brave to keep being open to the magic of this gift and passing it on to all the lives you cross. Most importantly, do this NOT out of fear that this gift might be running out and there will be only pain left — it won’t — but do this out of love, out of the desire to add positivity to other lives and the faith that good things will happen and you will always be okay at the end of the day even if you walk on our own.

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