Wait For The Love You Truly Deserve

Wait for the love that doesn’t walk away when times get hard, one that is strong enough to know that love isn’t always easy and doesn’t expect it to be either. Don’t make the mistake of giving everything for a love that is fragile and doesn’t recognise that you both need to work on it.

Wait for this love and don’t chase the wrong kinds of love. Invest your time and love in yourself. The trick is to wait for the love that is capable of loving as much as you are, and for the love that is brave enough to do so.

Wait for a love that invests without a hidden agenda or the expectation of a returned favour. A love that values your time and wants to spend the best hours of their days with you. Be careful of opportunistic love. This love doesn’t have honest intentions and will play with your emotions for their short-term gain.

Wait for a love that knows your boundaries and respects them too. Don’t settle for a love that doesn’t already know wrong from right or one that does not have your best interests in mind before tending to their own desires.

Wait for a love that isn’t intimated by your independence or self-assurance, one that admires the empire you have built for yourself. The right kind of love is going to be proud of you, they’ll want to build a life with you and they’ll see you as a valuable part of their future.

Wait for the love that is not easily distracted because they know how lucky they are to receive your love. You deserve a love that has high morals and chooses to live by them. There is a distinct difference between knowing what loyalty is and choosing to live by it.

Wait for the love that doesn’t require fixing before it can share in love, for you are not meant to fix things. When it’s right, you won’t need to be the healer. You aren’t responsible for their past or their pain and it isn’t your job to fix them.

Wait for the love that loves every ounce of you entirely and not just you in your best days or most flattering lights. Wait for a love that knows none of us are perfect, one that knows your weaknesses but loves you all the same. Because the right kind of love will love you despite your flaws.

Wait for a love that inspires you and makes you want more from life, for a love that you can travel with, be encouraged by and learn from. You’ll know you’ve found the right kind of love when you’re excited about the future with them but you’re still able to focus on growing for yourself too.

Wait for the love that’ll meet you half-way. Wait for a love that will wash the dishes with you, that’ll help pay the bills and most importantly give back what you put in. You are worthy of being loved in return so don’t settle for someone who doesn’t meet you half way.

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