Do the Thing that Brings You Closer to Yourself

2019 was the year I turned my life around.

I’ve told this story many times: I stopped dating. I started going to therapy. I changed my daily habits. I became “ruthless” and intentional about moving forward.

I often attributed my blissful present to these decisions. But I’ve come to realise there was something deeper than that.

How did I even find the strength to go on and commit myself to these changes?

How was I able to keep choosing to do the difficult things when I had no idea if it would ever get me to where I am now?

How was I able to find joy and hope even in my darkest moments?

There might be many answers to this question, but one thing I know to be true is that it was ultimately writing that pulled me towards all the great things in my life.

If I was on a journey, then writing would be my vehicle.

Writing is the one thing that always brings me closer to myself and my truths. It frees me and fuels me at the same time. It’s something I do without question. It’s the medium through which I make sense of life and of myself.

Writing is the one thing that I do that has nothing to do with men. I don’t write to make myself more desirable to anyone. It’s not a means to an end. I actually enjoy it. I’m better because of it.

My growth goes hand in hand with writing.

When I felt lonely as a kid, writing short stories and blog posts made me feel understood. I found an outlet in my characters.

When I felt lost as a young woman living (almost) all alone in London, writing soothed me and helped me find my way forward. When I couldn’t afford therapy — and even when I was already in therapy, writing accelerated my healing and self-discovery.

This year is the year I finally feel like I’ve “arrived.” I’m not waiting for anything to happen anymore. I just live my life and really enjoy it. I’m content.

But I realise that I’d always felt that way about writing.

I thought back to when I was single and wondered how I overcame the fear of being alone forever, and it was writing that saved me.

When I hit rock bottom, I climbed out of it by writing my first book.

When anxiety swept over me because my future turned blank, I became my own best friend by writing emails to my future self.

I stopped being so scared.

And thanks to writing, I can reach so many people.

In the last couple of years, it has even made me lots of money and helped me achieve a significant career goal.

Writing has given me so much.

For you, it might not be writing, but I hope you find the thing that allows you to be more you and better you.

I hope you do more of it each day and have faith in it.

Even when it’s not clear how, it will guide you. It will make everything else better. It will set you on the path of becoming your best self.

You’ll never be bored because you’re your own greatest mystery.

Give yourself the love, the curiosity, the passion you deserve.

A journey inward is not only rewarding but incredibly powerful.

Do the things that make you feel present.

Do the things that turn everything else into noise.

Do the things that make you feel like you own this space, this body, and this life you have.

Find and embrace your gift —I bet it’s right in front of you.

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