How To Make The Most Out Of Social Distancing

“Social distancing” is encouraged at this time in an attempt to decrease the spread of the Coronavirus. 

Actually, we’re not required to socially distance ourselves per se but rather to physically distance ourselves. 

I want to emphasise that distinction because we aren’t advised to stop socialising altogether. With advanced technology available today, we can definitely stay connected with each other without the risk of transmitting any virus.

As humans, we’re a very social species. From an evolutionary perspective, we have thrived through communicating and working together. As a result, socialising has become necessary for survival. Nowadays, even though we can make a living online in physical isolation, we still benefit a great deal from having face-to-face contact with other people every now and then.

Let’s take the negative connotation out of social distancing. We’re not social distancing; we’re physically distancing. This isn’t a loss, this is an opportunity. We can take this time to improve ourselves and maintain our mental well-being. 

What are some of the things we can do at home to make the most out of “social distancing”?

Do you have something you’ve always wanted to learn like drawing or designing or finance? Well, now you have a lot of time to do so! And here’s the great thing about all of this. You don’t have to do it alone! Sites like Lynda and Skillshare have online classes that give you in-depth knowledge about a wide array of topics. You can also find people with mutual interests on forums like Reddit.

The whole world is at home right now and probably online. You can totally find or organise a group of friends to join you on this journey. Or you can learn something by yourself. Both options are equally rewarding and productive. 

Maybe you just want to have fun and keep your mind relaxed during these difficult times. Here’s an option: online gaming! Better yet, games are a great way to bond with people while de-stressing together. 

Personally, I think the social aspect of gaming is what makes it great. 

Whether you play with random people or your friends, gaming is a form of socialising. It might have a poor stigma attached to it, but that’s really not fair. Gaming is interactive, interesting, fun, and mentally stimulating. You can get competitive with it and try to achieve a high rank in popular games like League of Legends and Overwatch, or sit back and gain team-building skills in cooperative games like Borderlands.

Personally, I’ve met a lot of cool people through playing games online. Some of these people ended up being better friends than many people I’ve met in person. I’d say, never count anything out.

Here’s another idea. Right now is the perfect time to work out.

There are tons of routines and online videos you can follow. You can try online fitness classes or live workouts if you want to add a social dynamic to it. Either way, it’s important to stay active even if you can’t go outside. Remember, quarantine isn’t an excuse to slack off. You don’t even need fancy equipment; you can totally do bodyweight exercises. Plus, a lot of fitness apps are running promotions for people who are stuck at home. Take advantage of these freebies. 

In the end, it’s about doing what’s best for you. Don’t force yourself to socialise or try new things if you don’t want to. If you’d prefer to cuddle up and read a book, that’s totally fine. After all, I believe that the best way to take care of your mental health is by staying positive and resilient. It’s about your attitude and mindset. 

Inevitably, this drastic change in lifestyle will impact our life and mental health on various levels. I want those of you who are struggling to remember that this will pass. It is a pandemic but, like all others in the past, it will end at some point. It may be challenging now but going through these tough times will make you stronger. 

Right now, let’s focus on enjoying our lives as it is, being productive, and maintaining a positive outlook. 

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