When Two People Aren’t Meant To Be Together

I had just broken up with my ex-boyfriend and moved to a new city.

Our relationship was falling apart but he refused to let go so I did — I had to — for both our sakes.

This new city presented itself as a life saver. I had such high hope for it like I believed it was where my dreams would come true, where I would find a new love — one without the tainted fingers of unnecessary drama and immaturity.

Eight months had gone by and I’d still not started living my dreams. I still had not found a new love.

Then life happened. A letter came. I was being transferred to yet another city to start another life again — one I was not ready for but which I couldn’t escape.

Meanwhile, we met. It happened in the most unlikely of places: a hospital! A place where you’re supposed to find sadness, sickness, a place where many reach their end.

I saw him approaching me but I paid him no mind until his long silhouette invaded my space. He smiled at me and asked me something but I was no longer paying attention. He had pulled me in with his allure and seductive smile. I was lost in his charm and masculine scent. My dream man was standing right in front of me.

We exchanged numbers and he promised to call. I hoped he would call but prayed that he wouldn’t, but he did.

We talked for hours and got to know each other. We were compatible. We had a similar drive and focus to achieve our dreams. Our birthdays were only a few days apart. Everything felt right.

We went out, saw a movie, fooled around a little. He kept a smile on my face, his lips were always ready to tantalise my need for genuine laughter.

Sex was inevitable as our passion matched. Like a wildfire lacking containment, we burned each other’s flesh. He ignited a passion in me I never knew existed. He made me do things I never imagined I could.

But something was holding me back, holding us back. I was leaving!

“Why did I have to go? Why did we have to meet? Where had he been all these months? Why were we at the same place at the same time?” Those were the questions that plagued my mind and occupied my dreams.

Everything was against us. Time, circumstance, location and even life herself.

We fought it but it happened anyway, and like the wind blowing against an ocean’s waves, we failed. I had to go when the time came and that was what I did.

We promised to wait for each other. One year was a long time but a connection as strong as ours could withstand it.

We kept in touch every day, then few days apart, a few weeks and then months apart until we became strangers. We moved on with our lives because it was the only choice we had.

But then the year ended and we managed to reconnect. We looked forward to seeing again but once again life struck. In the finality and plot twist of life, I found myself in a position I couldn’t run away from. Life was pulling me in her direction and she foiled all my plans of reunion with my lover.

Now sometimes amidst my busy schedule or while I lay in bed at night, pondering over the meaning of life and her mysteries, I often wonder about him, about us.

What would have happened to us? What might we have become? What could our love have birthed if life had not interrupted it?

Then I come to the conclusion that ours was just one of those loves, the type that was never MEANT TO BE.

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