Read This When You Feel Like Giving Up

If you ask for advice, I’m sure everyone, like literally everyone, will have something to tell you and, most of the time, they can tell you exactly what you need to do to solve your problems.

Then, of course, keep calm, stay strong, believe in yourself, and one day it will get better. They are all good, they are true. But they would be useless without this ultimate advice you will ever need: Keep going.

Keep going. Don’t stop doing what you love.

Don’t give up

Yes, it is cliche. It’s all over the internet, in quote pictures, in dating articles, in self-help books. It’s a go-to phrase when we run out of encouraging words to say. And thus, we’ve never taken it seriously enough.

But we should. Definitely. Read them out loud. Nail it to your forehead. Breathe them. Live them. Because that’s the best reminder you’ll ever need.

Keep going because if you don’t, you will never overcome your past, you will never defeat your old self, you will never get better, and it means giving in to all the shitty people who hurt you, doubt you, damage you, ruin you and giving them the satisfaction of knowing they have succeeded.

All that you have will be something that’s gone, that’s done, that’s over, something that you would have to tell people about in self-pity and regret because that day you chose to just be a living dead and waste all your potentials away.

Keep going because if you don’t, you will live a life full of what-ifs, of envy, a life of a coward who admits defeat at the first failure, of a dying man on his deathbed looking back at his empty years wishing he had not given up on himself, his dream, his passion.

You will remain weak, broken, and clueless exactly where you were left off. You will never know what your life could have been, how much you could have achieved, and what a great person you could have become.

Keep going…

I know sometimes it’s hard but do it because you have so much ahead of you and have so much in you to offer.

One failure could never define you and it never will because you’re still here, still moving, still constantly striving to be better and that’s already 80% of success.

Because you are strong, you are courageous and you know better than giving up now. Because keep going is how you could continue to make an impact. It’s the first vital step to your future, to a life you deserve, to the endless possibilities of who you could be.

Keep going because just think about the alternative. Do you really want that?

So keep going. Please, keep going. Because one day as you take a good look at your life, yourself, and how far you have gone, you will be proud and you will be glad you did not give up today.

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