Marry A Man Who’s Totally Smitten With You: 4 Obvious Signs

When my partner and I first met, I could tell he was interested in me because he always initiated dates and was consistent. After a few months, I could tell he was falling for me because we spent all the time together and, well, he said “I love you.” Now, after almost two years, I can tell he’s completely smitten.

Besides the gorgeous engagement ring I’m wearing, I’ve noticed many things that show his love and attraction for me. After doing further research, I can confirm there are a few tale-tell signs of smittenness you can observe in a man.

Needless to say, you should be with someone who is compatible with you and whom you also want. But, all else being equal, marry a man who’s all in with you.

Here are 4 clear signs:

1. His face lights up when he sees you

The smittenness is visible in his body language. His eyes beam when they meet yours — his pupils seem to turn into a heart shape. He can’t help but smile at you endearingly.

When you’re out together, his attention is focused on you. He doesn’t see any other woman but you. He looks happy, relaxed, and excited. His face seems to soften when he sees you as his body releases its stress.

2. He’s in your orbit

When a man is head-over-heels for you, he’s always around you — you can’t fake this sign. He always finds reasons to meet you and be near to you. Spending time with you is at the top of his list.

If you can’t see each other in person yet, he will be in regular contact with you and will leave you no doubt that he’s interested in you. When you’re in the same room, his body language will naturally point towards you. You won’t have to wonder about his intention with you because he shows up for the relationship every day.

3. He loves to show you off

He takes you out; he holds your hand in public; he talks to everyone about you; he introduces you to his friends and family with pride in his eyes.

He makes you feel like he’s lucky to have you even after you’ve known each other for a long time and have seen each other’s flaws and down moments. He compliments you and expresses openly he loves you.

4. He’s exceptionally helpful

A man who’s in love is a man who’s open to negotiation — actually, most of the time, he will let you have your way because he wants to make you happy (If you’re compatible with each other, you generally want the same things anyway.)

He doesn’t hesitate to help you even if it requires lots of effort; you probably don’t even have to ask him as he already notices it. You can see he’s on a mission to make your life easier and better.

It’s not uncommon that a woman chases or drags a man to commit to them.

They think just as long as the man pops the question, it’ll be winning the battle — all the sacrifice will be justified. But the marriage itself isn’t the prize. There’s still life after the wedding.

A proposal is actually the bare minimum if you’re looking to get married. You should be looking for a man who wants to get married to you AND treats you like the best thing that has ever happened to him.

That said, I know, some people are perfectly satisfied as long as they’re married and the marriage is somewhat functional. But, again and again, I’ve seen women are the happiest and benefit the most in a relationship with a man who’s all in with them.

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